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Admissions Tip #3: Practice taking exams in one sitting

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Test-taking can be an exhausting process for any student. Students are asked to focus on an exam for hours on end with few breaks in between. For the TJ Admissions Process, the Round 1 exam is 3 hours long with only one 5-minute break and the Round 2 SIS/Essay is 2 hours long with no break at all.

As such, students need to prepare not just for the content exam, but the process of focusing on subject material for hours at a time without a break. This means that when you are taking practice exams and responding to practice SIS/Essay prompts, get into the habit of completing a full-length test in one sitting. Set timers and set your phone aside (ideally in another room). Instead of responding to a single SIS prompt, respond to three prompts in addition to one essay all in one sitting. If you have time left over, take the extra step to review each of your answers or read over your work carefully, just as you would do on the real exam.

By practicing in one sitting, you are able to train your mind (and your body) to process large amounts of information for extended periods of time. When it comes time for the test, you will be ready to go and have a significant advantage over your peers who have not put in the effort to practice the same way.

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