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Online, Self-Paced SPS & PSE Course




Tuition: $599

Student Portrait Sheet (SPS)

  • Planning, structuring, and writing SPS responses

  • Templates, "methodology," and checklist for SPS structure

  • How to tell a story with your extracurriculars; art of narrative writing

  • Preparing sets of pre-written responses, adaptable to any prompt

  • 15 Successful examples & analysis

  • 81 Practice Prompts, including exact prompts used from 2020-2024

Math Science Problem-Solving Essay (PSE)

  • Planning, structuring, and writing PSE responses

  • Templates, "methodology," and checklist for PSE structure

  • Math and Science conceptual videos, instructional packets

  • Successful examples; video walkthroughs

  • 42 Practice PSE math and science prompts + detailed video and written solutions

Line-By-Line, Individualized Feedback

  • Submit your practice responses for line-by-line feedback from our instructors

  • Feedback typically within 1 week on up to 10 responses to given prompts


  • All practice prompts are designed in the same format as they have historically appeared on test-day

  • Time management, test day, and avoiding common pitfalls tips

  • Unlimited advising support through our Q&A forum, WhatsApp, and email

  • Sophomore admissions advising guarantee: don't get admitted the first time? We will help edit your sophomore application free of charge; terms & conditions may apply.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How is this course run?
A: This course is administered via Google Classroom, a highly intuitive platform similar to those students use at school, such as Schoology, Blackboard, or Canvas. The course includes pre-recorded videos and guides that teach students how to plan, structure, and write their responses, along with examples and templates. After working through the material, students can submit their responses for individualized line-by-line feedback from our instructors.

Q: What if my student has a question? Whom can they talk to?
A: We use Padlet, an easy-to-use platform, for students to ask and answer questions. One of our instructors, a TJHSST alumnus, will respond to students typically within a couple of hours with a detailed and comprehensive answer. Students can also view responses to other students' questions (700+ and counting). If further questions arise, students can contact us via WhatsApp or email. We are highly responsive and committed to ensuring all questions are answered.

Q: How long does this course take? 

A: On average, the course takes about 40-50 hours to complete. This includes 15-20 hours to work through all the video content and written materials, and an additional 25-30 hours to complete the practice prompts. Successful students have completed the course in as little as two weeks or as long as four years, depending on their pace. Some students who start early will repeat the course.

Q: How long does the student get course access for?
A: Students receive access until the end of their admissions cycle. For example, a student who signs up in 6th grade will have access to the course through 7th and 8th grade, including any updates we make to the course, at no additional cost. Thus, signing up early provides continuous access without the gimmicks of monthly or annual fees.

Q: Is this course as effective as live coaching? What if I want live coaching?

A: While we offer live coaching, the self-paced online course has similar admission rates to small group coaching. If the student commits to completing the course, the self-paced course is highly effective. If you are interested in live coaching, please check out our small group coaching and our as-needed 1:1 sessions.

Q: Can I switch later into Small Group Coaching? Will you prorate the tuition?
A: Yes! We encourage younger students to start with the self-paced course, as it is typically sufficient for TJ admissions. If students wish to switch to small group coaching as they approach 8th grade, please contact us to apply the tuition paid for the self-paced course toward small group coaching. We are happy to accommodate switch requests, subject to availability.

Q: How do the 'additional feedback sets' work?

A: The course includes two feedback sets by default, each containing reviews of 4 SPS responses and 1 PSE response, totaling 10 responses. During registration, you can purchase up to three additional feedback sets, bringing the total to 25 responses. Each additional set provides a thorough review of another four SPS responses and one PSE response. While most students find the included feedback sets sufficient, these additional sets offer more support if needed. Discounts are available for purchasing multiple sets during registration, and you can add these sets later through the course.

Q: How does 'unlimited feedback' work?
A: This option allows students to resubmit their responses to the two included feedback sets and up to three additional feedback sets (a total of 25 prompts) as many times as necessary. For additional responses beyond the included 25, students can email them for a high-level review, which will not receive the usual comprehensive review. Please note that it takes approximately seven days to review a response, so plan submissions accordingly.

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