TJ Prep 
SPS & Problem-Solving Essay Course


Student Portrait Sheet (SPS) and Problem Solving Essay Course

Core Package


29+ Instructional Videos and Guides

  • Introduction to TJ Admissions
  • Criteria Analysis: Experience Factors, Portrait of a Graduate
  • MS GPA Calculator
  • SPS "Narrative" 
  • SPS Planning, Structure, and Writing

  • Essay Planning, Structure, Writing

  • Example SPS Responses

  • Example Essay Problems Worked Out

  • What to Avoid "Red Flags"

  • Time Management

  • Test-Day Tips

  • Mathematics Conceptual Videos

Practice Prompts: 27+ SPS, 15+ Essay

  • Prompts include SPS and Essay prompts from the past 5 years and similar prompts 
  • Designed to be in the same format as they appear on test day

Individualized Feedback on 10 Prompts

Our instructors, TJHSST Alumni who have been through the admissions process themselves and reviewed over 1400 SPS/Essay responses thus far, will provide individualized feedback on a total of 10 prompts (8 SPS, 2 Essay)

Note: If your student is on free or reduced lunch, or may need any form of scholarship, we are happy to provide partial or complete fee waivers for our products. We want every student to be able to take advantage of our products, regardless of background. Please contact us at the email toward the bottom of the page.