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Online, Self-Paced SPS & PSE Course




Student Portrait Sheet (SPS)

  • Planning, structuring, and writing SPS responses

  • Templates "methodology," and checklist for SPS structure

  • How to tell a story with your extracurriculars; art of narrative writing

  • Preparing sets of pre-written responses, adaptable to any prompt

  • 11+ Successful examples & analysis

  • 41 Practice Prompts, including exact prompts used from 2015-2022

Problem-Solving Essay (PSE)

  • Planning, structuring, and writing PSE responses

  • Templates "methodology," and checklist for PSE structure

  • Math and Science conceptual videos, instructional packets

  • 33 Practice PSE math and science prompts, comprehensive solutions to most

  • Successful examples; video walkthroughs

Line-By-Line, Individualized Feedback

  • Submit your practice responses for line-by-line feedback from our instructors

  • Feedback typically within 1 week on up to 10 responses to given prompts


  • All practice prompts are designed in the same format as they have historically appeared on test-day

  • Time management, test day, and avoiding common pitfalls tips

  • Quick and complete responses to questions in our Google Classroom


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How is this course run?
A: This course is administered via Google Classroom. This a platform that's highly intuitive and easy for students to understand -- they often use it at school. There are pre-recorded videos and guides that walk students through exactly how to plan, structure, and write their responses, along with examples and templates. After working through the material, they can submit their responses for line-by-line individualized feedback from our instructors.

Q: How long does it take to receive feedback, after submitting?
A: We commit to returning student responses within 1 week. However, we typically return it within 2-3 days.

Q: What if my student has a question? Whom can they talk to?

A: We utilize an easy-to-use platform called Padlet, for students to ask and answer questions. One of our instructors (all TJHSST Alumni) will respond to the student, typically within a couple of hours with a detailed and comprehensive response. They can also see responses to other students' questions. If the student has further questions, they can continue to ask or we can give them a quick call to walk them through the concept. We are highly responsive and committed to ensuring that students get all of their questions answered.

Q: How long does this course take? 

A: In total, it takes about 40-50 hours to complete this course on average. It takes 15-20 hours to work through all of the video content and written materials in the course. It takes an additional 25-30 hours to complete the practice prompts in the course. We have had successful students complete this course in as little as 2 weeks, and as long as 3 years. The most successful students complete all the course materials and submit for feedback.

Q: How long does the student get course access for?
A: The student receives access until the end of THEIR admissions cycle. For example, a student who signs up in 6th grade would have access to the course in 7th and 8th grade as well, along with any updates we made to the course -- at no additional cost. Therefore, for 5th, 6th, and 7th graders, there is no disadvantage to signing up early, and getting access to materials.

Q: Is there a sibling discount?

A: Yes! We have a $100 discount per family, for any families with two siblings who are enrolled in any of our courses in the same year. Please email us to receive this discount.

Q: Is this course as effective as live coaching? What if I want live coaching?

A: While we do offer live coaching, the self-paced online course has a statistically admissions rates as live coaching. If the student is willing to commit to completing the course, the self-paced course is the right fit. However, if you are interested in live coaching, please check out our small group coaching and our as-needed 1:1 sessions.

Q: Do you offer scholarships for low-income students?

A: Yes, with appropriate documentation. We have provided over $24K in scholarships thus far, and will continue to support low-income students. Every student is able to take advantage of our TJ Prep regardless of ability to pay. TJ Prep is NOT "pay to play." Please email us at to find the scholarship application form.

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