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Why TJTestPrep?
Founded by TJ Alumni, for future TJ Students
After bouncing around several preparation centers ourselves, including (but not limited to) Sidyuta, Curie, Young Scholars, MyTJPrep, Principia, Optimal, PLC, and Kate Dalby, we found ourselves extremely frustrated with one or more of the following issues: minimal focus on writing, focus on other exams such as Loudoun AOS/AET, rude demeanor with students, customer service, irrelevant curriculum, low-quality curriculum, unrealistic practice prompts, no remote offerings, a lack of knowledge about TJ itself, a lack of TJ Alumni instructors, and no clear/comprehensive explanations of how the admissions process works.

In response, we created TJTestPrep when we realized we could do TJ Prep Better. At TJTestPrep, we have all been through the TJ admissions process ourselves and have lived the experiences of our current students. All of us even attended Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, and Arlington middle schools, such as Rachel Carson MS, Longfellow, Williamsburg, Lunsford, and more. Given our wealth of experience with TJ itself (having been affiliated with the school as alumni), along with the energy we bring to each session as recent university graduates, we build strong relationships with our students and create an engaging environment. 
Unmatched Customer Service
When we went through TJ Prep, it was frowned upon to ask the "silly" questions, leaving us uncertain about both the admissions process itself and how to best prepare. We strive to ensure that every student and parent can get all of their questions answered. We have a philosophy not to "nickel and dime" parents for simply asking clarifying questions. We encourage questions and seek to provide rapid responses. We treat every student and parent as though they are family, and become personally invested in their success in the TJ Admissions Process, reflected in our testimonials below.
Our Results
Our very first year, we started with only 5 students. We've now grown into the largest TJ preparation center in Northern Virginia, having worked with 1000+ students and now admitting over 100 each year under the NEW admissions process, with an 79% overall admissions rate in the past 5 cycles. We've now read over 34,000 TJ admissions essays and know what makes a student stand out.
Flexible and Remote
The days of spending the entire weekend and driving 30 minutes to 1-hour round trip are over. Given that the TJ Admissions Exam is computerized, we are completely remote. In-person TJ Prep no longer makes sense for most students, as they should be typing their responses on a computer. TJTestPrep allows students and parents to prepare in the comfort of their own homes, with no commute. We both host live online classes and have a self-paced course, with materials that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Moreover, we do not do monthly fees for TJ Prep programs. Once a student signs up, they have access to their materials until they take the exam.
TJ-Specific, Focused Preparation
We frequently find other preparation centers mixing TJ Prep with preparation for other exams such as Loudoun AOS/AET, or the ACT and SAT. This is a recipe for disaster, as detailed on our blog. We avoid confusing parents/students, and gear our curriculum towards exactly the TJ exam, nothing more and nothing less. Of course, students will likely improve both their writing and problem-solving skills in preparation for the exam. However, we like to keep preparation straightforward and honest and do not "mix" our TJ Prep with other preparation.
Sophomore Admissions Advising Guarantee
The unfortunate reality is that not every applicant will be admitted to TJ during the regular freshman application. We are the first and only TJ Prep company to offer a  sophomore admissions advising guarantee. Whether you are in our self-paced course or small group coaching, we will support your student with their application if they choose to apply again to TJ in sophomore year, completely free of charge. In other words, we stay with you throughout your TJ prep journey, for as long as you need us. We build long-term relationships with our students, and have already helped dozens of students be admitted during their sophomore admissions process.
Positive Feedback
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