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Small Group Coaching (Live Online)

Logistics and Scheduling

Summer Batch Schedule (June - August 2024)*

  • Saturdays at 9am [FULL]Saturdays at 10:30am [FULL]

Fall Batch Schedule (August - October 2024)*

  • Saturdays at 9am [3 Seats Remaining], Saturdays at 10:30am [FULL]Sundays at 9am [3 Seats Remaining]

  • Registration open now!

Winter Batch (November 2024 - February 2025)*

  • Tuesdays at 5pm, Thursdays at 5pm [1 Seat Remaining], Saturdays at 9am, Saturdays at 10:30amSundays at 9am, Sundays at 10:30am

  • Registration open now!

Late Start (December 2024 - February 2025)*

  • We may host an additional section of condensed small group coaching during winter break, where we condense the full curriculum into just a couple of weeks. This will only be offered if there is enough interest. Please let us know at if you are interested in this option.

Immediately after registration, students and parents will have access to all of our online materials, including recordings of our prior small group coaching sessions. This will allow them to prepare independently, until their live sessions begin.

***Full Schedule and timings can be found here.






Tuition: $1800

Student Portrait Sheet (SPS)

  • Planning, structuring, and writing SPS responses

  • Templates, "methodology," and checklist for SPS structure

  • How to tell a story with your extracurriculars; art of narrative writing

  • Preparing sets of pre-written responses, adaptable to any prompt

  • 15 Successful examples & analysis

  • 81 Practice Prompts, including exact prompts used from 2020-2024

Math Science Problem-Solving Essay (PSE)

  • Planning, structuring, and writing PSE responses

  • Templates, "methodology," and checklist for PSE structure

  • Math and Science conceptual videos, instructional packets

  • Successful examples; video walkthroughs

  • 42 Practice PSE math and science prompts + detailed video and written solutions

Weekly Individualized Feedback

  • Students will receive 4-7 hours of intensive homework each week, which will be graded and reviewed line-by-line by our instructors (TJ Alumni)

  • Mentorship in a group setting, ability to ask questions throughout the week and receive the highest priority responses

  • Submit your practice responses for line-by-line feedback from our instructors

  • Feedback typically within 1 week on approximately 40 responses to given prompts

Other Benefits

  • Unlimited advising support through our Q&A forum, WhatsApp, and email

  • Sophomore admissions advising guarantee: don't get admitted the first time? We will help edit your sophomore application, free of charge; terms & conditions may apply.


Small Group Coaching Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How is this course run?
A: This course is administered via Google Classroom and Zoom. Google Classroom is a highly intuitive platform that students often use at school. The course includes pre-recorded videos and guides that teach students how to plan, structure, and write their responses, along with examples and templates. After working through the material each week, students come to class prepared to discuss the edits made to their work. The Zoom sessions are run similar to an in-person classroom, with cameras on and screen sharing.

Q: How large are the groups?
A: We limit our group size to a maximum of 6 students. This ensures that students receive enough individualized attention while benefiting from a variety of perspectives by seeing and editing each other’s responses. Each student receives individualized line-by-line feedback on all of their assigned homework each week.

Q: What if I miss a session?
A: No worries! We record at least one session each week and post it in Google Classroom. If you miss a session, you can watch the recording to catch up. If you have any questions after watching the recording, you can contact your instructor for assistance at any time.

Q: What is the difference between the Summer, Fall, and Winter batch? Do I need all 3? Can I switch timings?
A: Each batch (Summer, Fall, and Winter) covers the same curriculum, so you only need to pick one. Choose the batch that aligns best with your schedule and where the student feels most engaged. While all batches provide high-quality instruction, the Summer and Fall batches often offer more individualized attention due to lower enrollment compared to the Winter batch, which tends to have the highest demand.

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