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Certain Counties/Jurisdictions have higher acceptance rates to TJ! Find out if yours is one of them…

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST), offered admission to 550 students for the Class of 2025.

These 550 seats consist of students from private and public schools in Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, and Arlington County.

As a part of the process, the top 1.5% of the 8th-grade class at each middle school (after evaluating the students’ transcript, Student Portrait Sheet, Problem Solving Essay, and experience factors), are automatically offered admission. This makes it statistically easier to be admitted from some middle schools than others.

However, this trend of variant acceptance rates not only applies to middle school but also to the county/jurisdiction in which one resides. Surprisingly, according to an analysis of the 2025 admissions, it is possible that the county and jurisdiction you reside in have an impact on your chance of admission. For example, for the class of 2025, Fairfax County students were admitted at a lower rate than any other county, with an admissions rate of just under 16%. In contrast, 31% of Prince William County applicants were admitted, 27% of Arlington County applicants were admitted, and just under 18% of Loudon County applicants were admitted. These figures can be compared against the overall admissions rate of 18.13%. This has been roughly the same for the past two years.

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