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Admissions Tip #8: Know Basic Trigonometry

Typically, students follow the generic math sequence in order Algebra 1, Geometry, and Trig/Algebra 2. TJ Admissions claims to be tailored to students who are currently taking Algebra 1. In fact, several applicants have not even completed a full year of Algebra 1 by the time they move through the admissions process.

Last year, the Round 2 Math Essay required basic knowledge of concepts in trigonometry in order to answer the question. Regardless of whether or not it was fair, these concepts appeared on the test, and students who had a basic understanding of foundational concepts had a significant advantage over those who didn’t. Along with reviewing the foundational math concepts, we highly encourage you to learn about sin/cos/tan, angles, and side lengths.

That’s why we train our students to understand the foundations of trigonometry. While it is easy to throw our hands up in the air and say “they will not test that”, we know better. The reality is that TJ Admissions is within their right to test anything and everything. As a result, we want our students to have all the tools they need to be prepared to respond to those types of “odd-ball” questions.

Check back in soon for another insider application tip!

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