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Meet the Staffer: Jason Jayanth

Meet Jason Jayanth

EA Development Staff

Jason Jayanth is student from Loudoun County, Virginia. As a former student of EduAvenues/TJTestPrep, Jason learned how to approach problem solving prompts, organize his thoughts in the star format for the student portrait sheet, craft a well-structured essay, and manage his time efficiently during the test.

Jason decided to join EduAvenues as a Development Staffer because he admired the company’s mission of taking the guesswork out of education, and saw it as a great opportunity to grow with EduAvenues as the company expands its cohesive teaching and several bootcamp offerings. As a staffer, he has been working on content creation, optimization, and marketing.

One of the aspects that makes Jason so valuable is his distinct ability to think about problems from the student's perspective. Jason approaches every task with a student mindset, and has learned several hard skills while contributing to a variety of key strategic initiatives to serve more students.

He has taken extensive PowerPoint and Excel training courses, and been working on personalizing and growing the YouTube channel, designing graphics for TJ Test Prep video solutions, creating problem solving packets, and detailing solutions for problem solving essay questions. In his free time, Jason enjoys volunteering, writing, exploring technology, and playing basketball and guitar.

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