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Be SKEPTICAL of these types of "Prep Centers"

We frequently get asked, "do you do preparation for the Academies of Loudoun (AOL/AOS/AET)?"

The short answer is NO (and we'd like to share why). Many TJ Prep centers will claim that their 7th/8th-grade curriculum prepares students for both Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ) Admissions and AOL Admissions.

The issue? These exams have almost NOTHING to do with one another. They are completely different and should be prepped separately.

It is true that any general writing preparation will help in either admissions process. It is also true that one prep center can be doing both TJ Prep and AOL prep using separate curriculums. However, if you see a prep center that is using the same curriculum, content, and/or practice prompts for both TJ and AOL, run far far away. Avoid this trap at all costs -- this is a scam. At these "dual" prep centers, students end up being inadequately prepared for both, and oftentimes, confused. Because the two exams are so different (both in content and format), students need practice that is specific to the exact exam they will be taking.

At TJTestPrep, we focus on only TJHSST Admissions and we do it well. We do not divert our attention among dozens of prep processes.

As you search for a prep center, be sure to find one that is honest with their curriculum, and does not use the same curriculum for both exams.

Want to learn more about the TJ Admissions Process? Visit our YouTube channel or explore the site to find additional content. Questions? Reach out to us at

(Academies of Loudoun)

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