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Asan official MATHCOUNTS Club, EduAvenues/TJTestPrep provide our students with the following: ​

  • Strengthen problem-solving through multistep application problems, above and beyond the school curriculum

  • Build a foundation for advanced high school math through computational tricks, pattern recognition, etc.

  • Practice for TJ Admissions Math/Science Problem-Solving Essay through exposure to multi-step word problems

  • Low-Stress Resume-Builder students can write about their experiences in MATHCOUNTS club on the TJ Admissions Exam and for essays/resumes for other extracurriculars. Collaborative competition-level math is a highly sought-after activity by several organizations. Students earn special recognition as they advance tiers through successful placement. 

  • Prepare for competition math including MATHCOUNTS competition series, Math Kangaroo, Math Olympiad, and and AMC 8, 10, and 12 Exams

  • Reinforce Algebra, Geometry, and Logic concepts through structured, supplementary practice

  • Gain exposure to official MathCounts and Art of Problem-Solving Curriculum

  • Opportunity to compete in official MathCounts competition series if the school does not have a team; we can help our students to compete as Non-School Competitors, if the school does not already have a team


Small Group

Live Online


Bronze Tier

  • Probability (Dice and Cards), Counting, Sequences and Series, and Re-arranging equations 

  • Perfect Squares, Basic Combinatorics

  • Triangles, Grids/Cartesian Coordinate System

  • Sets, Subsets, Number Properties, and Rational Expressions

  • Mean, Median, Mode, set-level statistics

  • Turning Word Problems into Algebraic Equations; cross multiplication

  • Geometry Fundamentals: Special Triangles, angles, polygons

  • Factoring methods, quadratic optimization

Silver Tier

  • Distance Rate Time; Pythagorean Theorem

  • Systems of Equations; displays of data

  • Divisibility Rules and Counting Methods

  • Binomial Theorem; Pascal's Triangle (coin problems)

  • Introductory Statistics; normal distribution and standard deviation deep dive

  • Advanced Combinatorics; analytic geometry

  • Base conversion (moving away from Base 10 into Base 8, 12, 16)

  • Forces, mass points, acceleration 

  • 3D Geometry

Gold Tier

  • Advanced optimization problems

  • Probability: conditionals 

  • Algorithms and Recursive Functions

  • Symmetry in Systems of Equations

  • Solving problems in multiple ways

  • Nonstandard Arithmetic operators; boolean algebra

  • Monte Carlo Simulations, Theoretical and Statistical Probability

*Note: students are placed into tiers based on a diagnostic exam,

sent via email to the parent shortly after registration.


When: We group students into 3 levels based on their diagnostic exam. Each tier has a different biweekly meeting time:

  • Bronze Tier: Every other Sunday at 9am, starting 3/19

  • Silver Tier: Every other Sunday at 10am, starting 3/19

  • Gold Tier: Every other, Sunday at 11am, starting 3/19

Where: Live Online Instruction, via Zoom; all cameras are turned on

Platform: All assignments are hosted via Google Classroom; following each session, students can expect to receive and complete a problem set related to the lesson presented in class. Advancement to the next tier depends on successful completion of problem sets AND performance on quarterly placement tests.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How large are the groups?
A: We limit our group size to a maximum of 15 students. This is to ensure that students have enough individualized attention, and can also get a variety of perspecti
ves, collaborating with one another. Each student will receive individualized feedback on their homework assignments, and can always ask us individual questions.

Q: Which tier should my student sign up for?
A: After registration, we will send over an official, online diagnostic exam, which should take no longer than 1 hour. This exam will indicate the appropriate tier for the student, based on the content areas which need further development.

Q: How is this course run?
A: This course is administered via Google Classroom and Zoom. Google Classroom is a platform that's highly intuitive and easy for students to understand -- they often use it at school. There are pre-recorded videos and guides that walk students through many of the applications. Then, we teach a lesson and work through problems during class, often through interactive and collaborative activities. There are also regular homework assignments to reinforce concepts outside of class. At the end of each quarter, we administer an exam to track student progress, potentially moving them up to the next tier and earning an award.

​Q: How do homework assignments work?

A: Students will have a problem set of approximately 10-20 problems to complete before the next class, reinforcing lessons from prior sessions. The homework is automatically graded, allowing for immediate feedback. Students will submit these assignments through Google Classroom, allowing us to track each student's progress individually. 

Q: What if my student has a question? Whom can they talk to?

A: At EduAvenues, we treat all of our students like mentees. They are welcome to send us emails and we typically get back to them within a couple of hours, if not the next day or two. They can also talk to other members of their group through the Google Classroom platform. We will also have a frequently asked questions platform through Padlet where they can find answers to common questions.

Q: I missed the initial set of classes. Can I still join?
A: Yes. The curriculum is structured in a manner where we are working primarily on applications, rather than core content. Therefore, the curriculum does NOT "build" upon the prior lesson unless we are moving from one tier to the next (e.g. Bronze to Silver). We will use the diagnostic exam to ensure that students are placed in an appropriate level for their current abilities.

Q: Is there a sibling discount?

A: Yes! We have a $30, monthly discount, for any families with two siblings who are both enrolled within our MATHCOUNTS program.

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