Round 1: Entrance Exam

Proctored Practice Exams

We offer proctored practice TJHSST entrance exams twice a week throughout the summer. These tests are replicas of the actual test. By taking these tests in a proctored environment, we able to simulate exactly what it will be like for students on test day. Students can get a feel for what test-day will be like while simultaneously improving their test-taking skills. Students will also receive immediate question-by-question feedback and results.

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1. Registration

Register for our exams through the registration page. The first test is free. Try us out before you buy the full package with 9 tests ($179)

2. Take Test

All exams are self-proctored, and can  submitted for instant feedback at your convenience. The exams include self-proctoring instructions. 

3. Review Results

Exams are graded and students are given question-by-question feedback instantly upon completion of their exam. 

4. Practice

Given results and feedback, students work on areas for improvement. Sign up for future proctored exams.


Q: How will tests be administered and graded?

A: Tests are self-proctored at your convenience and submitted via an online google form bubble sheet. Grading will be instantaneous, and final scores will be provided immediately upon completion of the exam.

Q: How will I receive feedback?

A: You will receive instant problem-by-problem grading via a google forms bubble sheet which shows the answer you put as well as the correct answer. You will be able to exactly see where you made mistakes and what concepts you need to work on before taking the entrance exam.

Q: What is the format of the exam?

A: These exams are practice TJ Round 1 Exams. The exams consist of Quant-Q, ACT Aspire Reading and Science sections. These are exact replicas of the TJ entrance exams and are created from multiple sources (including past TJ exam questions).


Q: How many exams are there?

A: There are currently 10 practice exams, 9 of which are included in the package. You are given 1 practice exam for free so that you can try us before you buy.

Q: Why practice?

A: In regular prep classes, students are unaccustomed to concentrating and taking an exam for several hours at a time. It is important to practice taking an exam in a proctored environment in order to put your best foot forward on exam day.