Admissions Tip #9: Fill In Every Answer On The Bubble Sheet

During the initial entrance exam (Round 1), many students tend to leave questions blank on the exam. While this may be a good strategy if there were a penalty for guessing, this is not the case for the TJ Test. Every question should have a bubble that is filled in, even if you are not entirely sure of the answer. While this may only boost your score by a couple of points, a few points can easily make or break a student’s chances at admission, particularly on the math section.

While practicing, it is a good practice to highlight or circle questions that you do not completely understand, so that you can come back to it and review the underlying concept. However, during the actual test, every bubble should be filled in, and every question should be answered without exception. If you are unsure of the answer, that is ok. Try to eliminate at least 1-2 options. By eliminating choices you know are certainly not the correct answer, you dramatically increase the probability that your eventual guess is correct.

If there are only 5 minutes left on a given section, that is a great indicator to go ahead and fill in the answers for any questions you skipped or have to remain. If you have not yet completed our practice tests, this is a great time to practice leaving a few minutes at the end of the section to go back and guess on any questions you skipped. The bottom line: answer every question!!

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