Admissions Tip #10: Use YouTube and Google to lookup problems you don’t understand

The internet can be a great resource to learn concepts that might not have been covered in class, or that you need a little more practice on. Many problems fall into broader “buckets” including combinatorics, probability, number theory, sequences, series, patterns, geometry, and advanced algebra. There are scores of guides and youtube videos/channels that cover each of these topics in great depth.

TJTestPrep uses YouTube to explain math and science problems that are frequently missed on our exams: Other great resources include Khan Academy and

After looking up the concepts, it is important to go back and rework any problems you missed. You can also modify the numbers of the problem for some additional practice, or find similar practice problems in later tests. This process of reworking missed problems is essential to gaining a more practical understanding of important concepts, and helps you avoid missing similar problems in the future. We also offer 1:1 or group tutoring if you are interested in working through problems with a TJ student or alumnus.

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