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Facts To Know Before Starting Your TJ Admission Prep:


Student Portrait Sheet - SPS & Problem Solving Essay - PSE: Your application must accurately reflect your experience, knowledge, and abilities. A single mistake on the Problem Solving Essay can significantly impact your chances.


The Old vs. The Current Diversity-centric TJ Admission Process: From 1985 to 2020, the TJ Admission Process aimed to select the most academically capable students. It relied on a quantifiable test. The new process focuses on 4 short SPS essays and a single math or science problem-solving essay (PSE). A mistake on the PSE can lead to almost certain rejection.


The Biggest Misconception About the New TJ Admission Process:


Many parents believe that an A grade in Algebra I or II is sufficient for their child to excel in the TJ Admission Process. However, the new process requires a deep understanding of word problems and critical reading skills. The stakes are high, and even confident students can experience test anxiety.


Myths & Facts About TJ Admissions:


Myth: Straight A's guarantee success in the TJ Admission Process.

  • Fact: Different schools have varying grading standards. An A grade doesn't necessarily mean a student is prepared for the TJ test.


Myth: G/T center school students don't need TJ prep.

  • Fact: Not all G/T courses are rigorous. High grades in a G/T program don't guarantee success in the TJ test.


Myth: Students struggling in math or science won't do well in the TJ admissions test.

  • Fact: With proper training, many students can improve their academic performance and excel in the TJ test.


Some Facts About TJ Prep and TJ Admissions:


Admissions Process: The process considers various factors, including TJ test scores, GPA, teacher recommendations, essay responses, and more.


Competition: The admissions process is highly competitive. Knowing where you stand compared to other applicants is crucial.


Preparation: A one-size-fits-all teaching method doesn't work for everyone. Tailored strategies are essential for success.


We offer a self-paced online course as well as 1-on-1 tutoring with regards to preparation for the TJ Admissions exams.

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