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All 1:1 Coaching Slots are now filled. Please email us for 3:1 slots

2022 Admissions Cycle Package


1:1 Coaching

  • Craft an individualized "narrative"tailored to student's extracurriculars
  • Align narrative and extracurriculars to research paths at TJHSST as well as 21st century STEM problems and Portrait Of a Graduate
  • Differentiate "laundry list" extracurriculars from detailed "moments"
  • Regularly assign practice prompts and provide individual feedback
  • Select a "niche" and highlight individual strengths
  • Learn to approach Math/Science problems from a qualitative lens (particularly important for the new admissions process)
  • Improve math/science problem-solving skills
  • Improve general writing skills beyond the scope of TJ Admissions


Q: Where are these sessions located?

A: Our sessions will be hosted online via Zoom video conference. Students and parents will receive a link via email prior to the session. These sessions can be done from the comfort of your own home, without having to waste entire weekends attending an in-person prep center.

Q: When are the sessions?

A: Our sessions will run on Sunday mornings from November through mid-January in an intensive format. Students will select a 1-hour slot as a recurring meeting time. We will not meet on the weekends of common holidays. This 2-3 month format dramatically reduces student burn-out. We believe this is the ideal timeline to prepare for the SPS/Essay.

Q: Will there be homework between sessions?

A: Yes. We want students to get the most out of their time with us. Students will have many practice prompts to complete between sessions, which should take no longer than 6 hours each week. With writing, practice makes perfect! We will drill down concepts with students during session as well, but homework will be a part of the process.

Q: What if I cannot attend every session due to a conflict or vacation?

A: We will have a recurring time for meetings. We do not meet on weeks of common holidays (e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year), but highly encourage students to schedule commitments around sessions.

Q: Who are the instructors?

A: The instructors are our Co-Founders! These are TJHSST Alumni and are well-versed in Math and Writing. Both instructors achieved the maximum scores on the AP AB/BC Calculus Exams, SAT, and SAT Math II Subject Test. They have hundreds of hours of tutoring experience and have run 1:1 Coaching since 2016. In the process of running TJTestPrep, they've read thousands of student essays and know what works.

Q: How is this different from the SPS/Essay Online Course?

A: The Online SPS/Essay course is the best option for most students. Some students would like some additional support and regular feedback on their progress. In 1:1, students are in a more intensive and guided setting, where an instructor will work with the student to help them craft their narrative, and drill down practice prompts with feedback. We recommend starting with the SPS/Essay course and moving to 1:1 later if needed.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Email us at or schedule a consultation below! We will be accommodating a maximum of 10 students in the 1:1 format on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Q: I missed the deadline; the test is in 3 weeks. Can I still do 1:1?

A: Generally, yes! Email us at or schedule a consultation below! We will be accommodating up to 2 additional students on a maximum intensity timeline (multiple sessions per week).