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***Updated for December 2020 Changes to TJ Admissions Process***

2021 Admissions Cycle Package


Can be pro-rated to reflect later start date

1:1 Tutoring

  • Craft an individualized "narrative"tailored to student's extracurriculars
  • Align narrative and extracurriculars to research paths at TJHSST as well as 21st century STEM problems and Portrait Of a Graduate
  • Differentiate "laundry list" extracurriculars from detailed "moments"
  • Regularly assign practice prompts and provide individual feedback
  • Select a "niche" and highlight individual strengths
  • Learn to approach Math/Science problems from a qualitative lens (particularly important for the new admissions process)
  • Improve math/science problem-solving skills
  • Improve general writing skills beyond the scope of TJ Admissions


Access to Core Course Package (included)

  • SPS Planning and Structure
  • SPS Writing Tips and Language

  • Essay Planning, Structure

  • Example Essay Problems Worked Out

  • Time Management

  • Experience Factors/Portrait of a Graduate

  • Navigating the Revised Process (December 2020)

  • 15+ SIS Practice Prompts and 11+ Essay Practice Prompts

  • Prompts include SPS and Essay prompts from the past 4 years 
  • Designed to be in the same format as they appear on test day

Sample 1:1 Tutoring Proposal
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